Offers at Station Garages in Horsham, West Sussex

We know that running a car can sometimes be expensive. And it’s one of the reasons we regularly run special offers to help reduce the cost.

Škoda vehicles are known for being competitively priced, and our offers on new and used cars can help to make them even more tempting.

Our new car offers regularly include generous contributions towards your finance, special APR rates, free servicing and special edition models at unbeatable prices. We also have offers on used cars, making them even more tempting.

You can also secure a deal if you’re in the market for a new business vehicle, or even if you’re already a proud, happy Škoda driver. Our special offers on aftersales services, such as servicing and MOTs, help to reduce the cost of running your Škoda and can preserve its value for resale time. We also have seasonal offers on things like winter tyres and summer air conditioning refills.

Click through on an offer to learn more, then contact us to take advantage of any that tickle your fancy. Our special offers are constantly being updated – so check this page regularly to see if any are suitable for you.