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Personal car finance in Horsham, Sussex

Simple, convenient and flexible - three words at the heart of our financial services. We all know that times are hard, so ŠKODA Finance specialises in providing finance options for ŠKODA drivers. Buying a car is a big decision, but if there's one thing we're sure of, it's that choosing quality shouldn't leave you overstretched. From helpful ways to spread your payments, to insurance offers and servicing plans, we offer a range of flexible finance options that offer just as much value as our cars.

There are different personal finance options available for private buyers.

ŠKODA Solutions (PCP)

A personal contract plan (PCP) is the most popular method of financing a new car for most British drivers, and helps to reduce your monthly repayments.

You agree a maximum annual mileage and put down a deposit at the beginning (this is flexible, and agreed based on what you can afford), then make monthly repayments for the duration of your agreement.

The repayments are based on what we think your car will be worth at the end of the agreement, if it’s kept in good condition and you stick to the mileage limit. The idea is that we leave a big chunk of the car’s value left over, unpaid, because it’ll still be worth something.

At the end of the agreement, you can hand the car back and walk away; pay the balance and own the car; or use any equity - the difference between what it’s worth, and what you owe - as the deposit on your next agreement.

Hire Purchase

If you want to own your ŠKODA, hire purchase agreements act a lot like a personal loan. Simply put down a deposit (as little as 10 percent), then clear the balance little by little with your monthly repayments until it’s completely paid off.

Agreements can last anything up to five years, and can be paid off early if you come into some money. At the end of the agreement, the car is yours to keep forever, and there’s no mileage limit.

You can find details of our latest finance offers elsewhere on the site, including representative examples. Contact a member of the team at Station Garages today to discuss your requirements and get a bespoke quotation based on your personal circumstances.

Fixed cost maintenance

Our fixed-cost maintenance cover is available for 3 levels of care:

  1. Service only
  2. Service and maintenance service
  3. Maintenance and tyres

Agree anything between 5,000 miles and 40,000 miles each year (up to a total of 120,000 miles) to ensure you're only ever paying for what you need.

GAP Insurance

Sometimes bad things happen to great cars. If anything happens to your car, your motor insurance payout could fall short of the amount you paid for your vehicle. GAP Insurance takes care of the difference between the two amounts.

SMART Insurance

This body repair system keeps your vehicle in pristine condition, without compromising your motor insurance no claims bonus. It ensures your vehicle remains free from damage caused by everyday motoring such as chips, minor dents, light scratches and scuffs.

AutoGlym LifeShine

Road salt, traffic film, strong detergents, weather - just some of the hazards that can diminish your car's beautiful finish. And that's just on the outside. Things can get messy on the inside too, especially with children.

LifeShine's Carbon Shield Technology(TM) fuses liquid carbon to vehicle paintwork to create an impenetrable barrier against harsh contaminants and the elements. Upholstery is protected from marks and stains while glass is coated to ensure safe visibility.

It's the complete solution that protects your car from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of the vehicle, guaranteed.

  • Protects paintwork to lock in a deep glossy finish that's easier to clean
  • Protects fabric and leather upholstery from marks and unsightly stains
  • Protects glass to give improved wet weather visibility