ŠKODA Electric & Hybrid | West Sussex | Station Garage
Why Go Electric? We at Station Garage are delighted to introduce the ŠKODA electric range. Designed to make our future cleaner,

these models represent the cutting edge of automotive design and engineering. Find out more about our electric ŠKODA models in West Sussex today.

Benefits of Buying Electric

While the primary benefit of choosing an electric vehicle is the reduced impact on the environment, there are plenty of other advantages to making the switch. Not only will you be helping to reduce air and noise pollution, you’ll also enjoy lower running costs, more affordable maintenance and cheaper road tax. There are performance benefits too: torque is delivered instantly, meaning EVs accelerate rapidly, and because many models feature only one gear, the ride is smooth and seamless.

Key benefits include:

  • Kinder to the environment
  • Lower running and maintenance costs
  • Cheaper road tax
  • Faster acceleration
  • Government incentives

Types of Electric/Hybrid

ŠKODA has both plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles in its line-up.

    All-electric An all-electric vehicle (EV) uses a battery pack and electric motor to provide power, instead of an internal combustion engine. Most modern EVs have a range of 100-300 miles, and must be connected to an electrical power supply to charge.
    Plug-in hybrid A plug-in hybrid vehicle features a battery and electric motor which can provide all-electric power over short distances, as well as a boost to the engine during acceleration. It must be plugged into an electrical power source to charge the battery.