ŠKODA Pet Accessories

Protect your pooch as well as your car!

Did you know that drivers can now face fines of up to £2500, penalty points on your licence and, in extreme cases, a driving ban and compulsory re-test for travelling with an unrestrained pet in your vehicle? You could also be invalidating your car insurance when driving without correctly restraining your pets, and if you are involved in an accident insurers are unlikely to pay out. The Highway Code says that a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are the best ways of restraining animals in cars.

ŠKODA offers practical accessories for dog owners who love to take their four-paw companions on the road with them. The simply clever range includes everything from seatbelts to pet barriers.

With a dog on the back seat, Dog Safety Belt is an indispensable item in the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range. In the event of a collision, the animal could be thrown forward, which would be dangerous for both the dog and those sitting in the front. The seatbelt also prevents the dog from moving around in the back, which might be distracting for the driver. ŠKODA’s doggie seat belt comes in four sizes – from S to XL.

If your four-legged friend sits in the back, ŠKODA’s practical Backseat Protection will ensure that the upholstery stays clean. Whatever model you drive, the protector is large enough to cover the entire backseat and stop hair and dirt from getting on the seats or floor. The solid material of the cover is water-resistant and easily washable. The non-slip surface also increases safety for the animal while the car is moving. The cover is easily fixed in place using hooks and fasteners attached to the front and rear headrests.

The Trunk grille of the luggage compartment enables your pet to sit safely in the boot section. This accessory effectively divides the boot into two sections, with the dog in one area and your suitcases and other items in the other. This is both a practical and safe solution.

Keep your boot as clean as possible with tailor-fitted protective mats and inserts. The Rubber boot Mats is moulded exactly to the shape of the boot-floor and does not have to be specially secured. This mat can easily be removed and cleaned whenever necessary.

You can contact us at Station Garage to find our more about our accessories range for pets.

Pet Accessories Pricing:

Back Seat Protection - £110

Dog Safety Belt S-XL - From £59 (Varies by size)

Trunk Grille - From £138 (Varies by car model)