24th August 2021

A Hollywood Icon’s ‘Revamp’

French designer, Baptiste de Brugiere, has redesigned the ŠKODA Ferat, which was originally used in a Czech horror film called The Vampire of Ferat.

The car was originally a sports concept and prototype in 1971 as the ŠKODA 110 SUPER SPORT and was only a one-off. However, the car caught the eye of Czech painter, graphic designer and car enthusiast Theodor Pistek who transformed the car into its starring role that it is known for today. The car has remained an iconic piece in ŠKODA’s history and can be visited at the ŠKODA museum.

Baptiste decided to revamp this historic car in order to preserve the character whilst applying a modern interpretation to its’s iconic design. He has said that it looks like a “beast ready to jump” and has designed lots of muscular lines in order to try and portray a strong and powerful look.

What do you think of this contemporary look on a classic piece of Škoda history?

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