Top tips for keeping safe on the roads this winter

Whether it’s ice, snow, heavy rain or high winds, winter weather increases the risk of an accident for all car users. Here, are our top tips on keeping safe on the roads this winter.

Being prepared – It is always best to prepare for the worst. Packing a small winter emergency kit in the car including essentials such as a torch, shovel, blanket, spare phone charger, snow chains and snow socks for tyre grip is a great way of staying prepared for the harsh winter weather.

Cutting corners – Don’t try to cut corners in the morning by using hot water to defrost your windscreen as the sudden change in temperature could cause it to crack. The best way to protect the windscreen is to use an ice scraper and de-icer. Making sure any ice and snow is removed from the lights, mirrors, all windows, bonnet and roof is very important as snow from the roof could melt and fall on the windscreen limiting visibility and increasing the chances of an accident.

Winter car health checks – The cold weather can cause all sorts of problems. Many garages like Station Garage offer a winter health check to ensure your car is in a good condition to face the cold. These types of checks will ensure tyres, oil, coolant level, lights, wiper blades and battery life is perfect in preparation for winter travelling.

Tyres – It is essential that your tyres have at least 3mm of tread on them – especially in the winter months. Don’t reduce tyre pressures to get more grip, this doesn’t work and reduces stability of the car. Another tyre option for this winter is changing to all season tyres – these have higher silica content in the tread which prevents them from hardening at lower temperatures and gives better grip in cold wet conditions.

Before leaving – Finally, getting up 10 minutes earlier gives time to prepare the car in order for a safe journey. Ensure all windows are clear before setting off. Put safety before punctuality when the bad weather closes in and allow extra time for winter journeys.